Current Projects in Switzerland

August 2015


The Friedli Family has collected unused clothing from the neighborhood in Zurich and distributed it to a small village in the Swiss alps.



December 2015


Stiftung Kind und Familie Schweiz

(engl.: Foundation for Kids and Family)

A foundation that aims at improving the lives of handicapped children.



A local project that work with animals to provides therapeutic help to people with handicaps.


Fürzüg (engl.: "Lighter")

A project that provides an education in ceramic arts for young people in a social downward spiral.



November 2016


Stiftung Procap

Including people with disabilities into society through work and social activities in Switzerland.


Café Yucca

A place to meet for people with drug and alcohol problems in Zurich, and helping them with social counseling.



Dezember 2017


Stiftung Neuthal

Unterstützt die Eingliederung von Jugendlichen in den Arbeitsmakrt.


Social Fabric Association

Durch Textilherstellung wird für Menschen mit Flüchtlingshintergrund, Kurse und Arbeit geschaffen.



Foundation Aviat, Stiftung Kind und Familie Schweiz, & Verein Fürzüg were able to count on additional donations from Three F Foundation for the years 2016 & 2017.



Various potential future projects are currently being discussed by the foundation board.



September 2015


Schweizer Schwestern für Equador

(engl.: Swiss Sisters for Equador)

A charitable organization that operates locally in Ecuador and provides educational services to less fortunate people, particularly young adults and children.


Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V.

An organization that focuses of improving the lives of under-privileged children through access to education.



November 2016 & 2017


Friends Kinderhilfe & Schweizer Schwestern für Equador have received further donations for 2016 & 2017.


Current Projects outside Switzerland

External Donations

We would like to thank the following people/families for their generous donation to the Three F Foundation:


-  Family Meier

-  Lotti Friedli

-  Mr. Singer

-  Family Oleas

-  Contributions from the respiration therapy

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